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“UMMHC offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic counseling services as well as Divorce Mediation and Domestic Violence Intervention.”

It’s a fact of life that adults and families experience personal and emotional difficulties that at times require the assistance of trained counselors. UMMHC offers a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals who can provide the diagnostic or therapeutic support necessary to restore harmony to troubled lives. UMMHC is a Rule 29, community mental health center.

Diagnostic and assessment services offered by UMMHC include a full range of psychological, behavioral, intelligence and cognitive testing. Staff will administer tests and will conduct a thorough diagnostic interview and will discuss conclusions and recommendations when the process is complete. Additional psychological testing may be indicated and UMMHC is able to provide a wide range of psychological evaluation.

Counseling services are available to fit almost any need. UMMHC’s diverse staff includes a wide range of mental health disciplines as well as staff with specialized experience with particular counseling needs. With a large and experienced staff the right therapist can be matched to the needs of the client. Some funding assistance is available from several counties or the State of Minnesota those with no insurance and low income.


In addition, UMMHC offers marital counseling, Divorce Mediation, and marriage counseling from a Christian perspective. Couples can be seen together or individual partners can be seen alone. In Divorce Mediation, UMMHC’s staff are certified to serve as court referred neutrals.

Adult day treatment and other individually designed services provided in community-based services are also available to persons who have needs for learning skills that help them cope with mental illness and to remain independent in the community.


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