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The Upper Mississippi Mental Health Center’s Program for Addictions Recovery (PAR) offers a variety of chemical abuse and addiction related programs for adults and adolescents at our treatment centers in Bemidji and Park Rapids and also provides an adolescent program at the Northwestern Minnesota Juvenile Center in Bemidji.

PAR seeks to provide its clients with recovery tools to overcome self-damaging abuse and addiction. Our treatment philosophy is compatible with the philosophy of 12-step recovery programs. Through group therapy and related activities, program participants work to establish a new lifestyle free from substance abuse and/or addiction.

Participants learn to understand attitudes and beliefs that create obstacles in recovery, self-management and communication skills and develop better relationships with people who are important to them. Treatment stresses the importance of self-awareness, personal growth and recovery. In addition to the goal of a lifestyle free of alcohol and other illicit drugs, the participants develop coping skills and identify their individual recovery process.

Aftercare is available to provide continued support and assistance after primary treatment. For persons with longstanding problems with alcohol or drugs and who have had multiple attempts at treatment, there are extended aftercare and case management programs.


Primary Chemical Dependency Treatment Program

Our primary treatment is a twelve week program with groups meeting twice a week. We also offer a 40 hour relapse prevention focus for individuals who have previously completed primary treatment but who have experienced additional problems. We offer separate men’s and women’s groups and a program for adolescents at the Bemidji site. At our location in Park Rapids we offer an adult and adolescent program. We also offer an eight week closed program at Northwestern Minnesota Juvenile Center. Methods of funding for treatment include health insurance, consolidated funding and self-pay plans.

Aftercare and Case Management Services

We provide aftercare and case management to individuals through our RTSH, Bridges and Mino – Bimaadiziwin (Living a Healthy Lifestyle) programs. These programs are funded through grants from the MN Department of Human Services. RTSH is designed to address specific concerns of individuals who have experienced legal problems. Bridges and Mino – Bimaadiziwin are designed for individuals who have experienced a chronic history of chemical dependency problems and/or multiple DWI arrests.
Mino – Bimaadiziwin is located on the Leech Lake Reservation and is designed to respond to the needs of the clients located there. These programs anticipate a six month commitment from the participants.

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