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“UMMHC has the community’s most comprehensive set of mental health and related services for children and adolescents.”

When a referral for a mental health assessment for a child or adolescent is received, UMMHC staff will design an individualized assessment or evaluation and testing package appropriate to the age and clients concern. A full range of evaluation and psychological testing services are available to assess and diagnose emotional and behavioral issues. After completing the assessment, staff will discuss recommendations with the parents or referral sources.

If individual or family counseling is desired, staff are available to work with the child or the family. Therapeutic counseling can help children find ways to overcome challenging emotions or to learn more productive behaviors. Family counseling can help families find positive ways to interact and to communicate.

Provided at our Bemidji office are Anger Management for adolescents, Chemical Dependency sexual offender treatment and a variety of educational programs for youth with legal or probation related concerns. These are specific group treatment programs aimed at the specific needs of adolescents and their families. Several programs are operated in cooperation with local probation or juvenile courts and are designed to help adolescents who have had legal issues and consequences.

Also provided through our Bemidji office are mental health professional staff placed on-site in area schools. These staff are available to students and school personnel to help meet the emotional and behavioral concerns that are increasingly found in schools. Services include consulting with school staff, screening, brief counseling or education and therapy. These services are available whether the student has insurance coverage or not.