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This program is designed to meet the needs of individuals who have experienced difficulties in their lives due to gambling. The program begins with an assessment of the client’s problem areas and personal strengths. Participants are involved in individual services and address specific issues in order to establish a lifestyle free of gambling. The program philosophy is compatible with G.A.’s 12-steps. This program is funded in part through support from the MN Department of Human Services.

DWI, Diversion, Chemical Awareness and Crossroads

The PAR staff are involved in a number of additional programs that focus on chemical health concerns including an eight hour DWI Clinic, programs for young people including a Diversion Program and Chemical Awareness, and Crossroads which is an individualized harm reduction program for persons who have engaged in high risk behaviors. These programs are offered to self-pay clients.


Domestic Violence Program

This program is for batterers who have committed acts of domestic violence. This is a 16 week group program that meets once a week for 2 hours. This is an educational program to assist participants in gaining insight into their own abusive and potentially violent behaviors. We also offer an anger management program for women. These programs are self-pay and the cost is determined by a sliding fee. In addition, we provide anger management programs for adolescent males and females.


The PAR staff provide Rule 25 assessments for individuals who have experienced DWIs, Domestic Violence Inventory assessments and gambling assessments when requested.

Web sites for additional information

Gamblers Anonymous

MN. Institute for Public Health