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The primary goal of our program is to enable parents and caregivers to better care for their children who have severe emotional and/or behavioral disturbances and to help reduce the need for out of home placements. We also assist in reunification of children into their homes or permanent placements. Our objectives are to work with family strengths and the natural support systems: including extended family and community resources. The benefit of receiving these services within our mental health agency is the ability to more easily consult with other mental health professionals who already work within the same setting. We try to schedule to accommodate the family’s needs. We work with children, parents and other necessary and important caregivers including foster parents in a variety of settings:

- Home
- Community
- Schools

Therapeutic Services Include:

- Family Skills Training
- Individual Skills Training
- Professional Therapy



These services provide intensive family therapy and skills training, parenting education, improved coping and social skills and crisis planning.

Children’s Mental Health Case Management (Rule 79) Services Include:

- Ongoing Functional Assessment
- Advocacy
- Parent and Child support
- SED Education
- Increasing Community Support

Web sites for additional information

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